Pets in Support of Farmers


Pets in Support of Farmers

Scrappy Makes Happy!

There’s a new dog treat company on the scene that cares about sustainable family farmers and humane animal treatment as much as they do Fido. With Americans spending upwards of $350 Million, yes that’s million, on Halloween costumes for their pets this year, it makes you wonder, how much is spent on pets overall? The 2014 projected spend is $58.51 billion. With $22+ billion of that going toward food, there’s a great opportunity to source the ingredients in a farm-to-bowl manner. That’s what Scrappy for Pets is doing, really rewarding great behavior, with their highly pedigreed treats!

Based in Northern California, Scrappy’s founder started another company, Let’s Be Frank, several years ago. ‘Frank’ brought a new kind of hot dog to market… one that named its ingredients, instead of hiding the complex combination of parts. Similarly, the quality of Scrappy treats, called quite transparently MOO, CLUCK, and coming soon CATCH and OINK, is unmistakably human grade. Really, it’s premium human grade, with no antibiotics or artificial hormones, and sourced from animals who enjoyed life on pasture! Scrappy cares about animals both on and off the farm.

If you think it’s a bit far-fetched to dote on your 4-legged friend with such carefully crafted treats, consider the following:

1) Just like human food, pet food protein comes from some form of farming. And just like grocery shopping for humans, when buying food for pets we make decisions about the type of farming we want to support by how we spend our dollars. New products like these open up new ways for sustainable farmers to diversify and sell into more retail channels.

2) The protein that Scrappy purchases for its treats is not product that most humans will buy / eat. Spent laying hens or dairy cows do not have high quality products to offer the grocery or restaurant market. Scrappy takes the parts and processes them into delicious treats dogs love. It’s the best possible way to respect and bring value to the whole animal. People and pets are not competing for the same end product, unless you choose to duke it out at home.

3) There are good sustainable farmers & ranchers in Eastern Washington who might have an interest in this type of demand for their products.

Gimme Those Treats

One of Scrappy’s other top goals is to build community by supporting independent pet stores. Much the same way as they go farm-to-farm to source ingredients, the sales team goes door-to-door to meet the people and pets who will share their success. The first store to carry Scrappy for Pets treats in Spokane will be Urban Canine. In fact, they are the first retailer outside the Bay Area to carry the treats! Both of their locations will have them on the shelves in January.

What a great New Year’s resolution you and your bestie can work on together. In 2015, commit to eating in a way that supports a better, more local food supply and sustainable family farmers.

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