A Crumby Valentine’s

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A Crumby Valentine’s

Seeking Sweet Valentine

22 year old male.

Dark, kind eyes.

Friendly conversationalist.

Medium height, slight but strong frame.

Creator of beautiful, detailed and delicious French pastries.

Sounds tempting. While this person may or may not be on the market as a Valentine, his amazing line-up of sweet, delicate pastries definitely is. Just looking at the handmade chocolates, sugar-studded baked goods, and silky pastry cream-filled éclairs makes a person swoon. Not to mention how they melt in your mouth. And then yes, even the crumbs are worth scavenging.

Common Crumb

Common Crumb

The Saranac Commons Building recently opened in Spokane, at 19 W. Main Street. While construction is still underway, a couple of merchants are open for business. As Valentine’s Day approaches, it is the perfect time to introduce yourself and your sweetie to Common Crumb.

The pastry chef trained in New York with classical French chefs, and now makes it his day’s work to stock a case that simply gleams with an array of decadent local pastries and desserts – chocolate truffles, panna cotta, palmiers, cannelles, full tarts, individual eclairs, and a rainbow of macaron flavors & colors the likes of pistachio, strawberry shortcake and caramel, just to name a few. The scrumptious treats nicely come in sizes that make it not wholly unreasonable to have more than one.

The ovens here also churn out beautiful, crusty, artisan loaves of bread. Paired with a local cheese and a jar of local chutney, what an easy and wonderful Valentine’s appetizer. An array of local wines can be found across the street at Main Market, so consider adding that as well.

You could squeeze in a nice, romantic dinner at one of the great local restaurants that now dot Main from Division to Monroe, but no one’s watching. You could also skip it, and go straight for the Crumb(s).



  1. John

    This is a hidden gem that some in Spokane have already discovered. That won’t last long as word continues to spread of just what delicious pastries, pies, confections, and breads they create.

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