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Arrival of Soccer Camp 2015

IMG_3842With the temperature steadily climbing and kids growing more restless, you know it’s time for the annual Community Building Soccer Camp! After what seems like an endless period of making phone calls and inflating balls as the Community Building’s summer intern, I am so excited to announce its much anticipated start in the second week of July. As a reward for all the hard work of everyone this year, we have no shortage of eager campers—with fifty-five registered and as of this writing, room for just five more.

The Soccer Camp will take place July 13-17th, from 8:30-11:30 a.m at Grant Park at 11th & Arthur in Spokane’s South Perry district. In addition to learning some soccer skills and good sportsmanship, our top priority is for everyone to have fun and hopefully form some great memories and long-lasting bonds. Perennial favorites for everybody are the Water War, World Cup, and barbecue on the last day where families are invited to attend.

As a player and coach of spring sports, I know the importance of finding the perfect balance between fun and the technicalities of skill. I also know well the importance of having a free soccer camp for those families that cannot otherwise afford to enroll their children. I play an obscure sport to the Northwest, lacrosse, and camps have always been very far away and very expensive. Because of this, I know how valuable it is to have the chance to continue playing over the summer. Having a local, no-cost camp over the summer can make the all the difference when it comes to keeping up the momentum.

Just as important, however, are those that make these things happen. We’re very fortunate this year to have an abundance of skilled and experienced coaches from all over the Spokane area. Steven Wells, Joshua Fox, and Kelly Dvorak from the Black Label Brewing Company, Sam Bruckbauer from the Center for Justice, Kat Hall from Lands Council, Mallie Mathieu and Sandra Garcia from Gonzaga Preparatory School, Carter Powers from the University of Washington, and our two junior coaches Jayden Soccer-Camp-KidsBlewett and Alyssia Mitma.

Everyone here at the Community Building looks forward to working with all of these amazing coaches, that so generously give their time and effort. Being a student at Gonzaga Prep as well, I especially look forward to seeing fellow Bullpups out on the soccer field! So once again, a big “Thank You” to our volunteers that further Spokane’s reputation of being a welcoming community.

If you know anyone that has been wanting to sign up campers, we have space for up to five more kids. Or if you or anyone you know would like to volunteer, please contact us at (509)464-7604 or summer@community-building.org.

Author, Olivia Saenz

Author, Olivia Saenz


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