Main Happenings


See Spokane’s Boat Car waiting to turn left on to Division?

Things are a little wild on our little block of Main. Things are definitely happening. But never fear – it’s going to be GREAT, once we get through the construction, and by the way, it’s GREAT now! Even Spokane’s famous BOAT CAR made its way down to our block this evening to check things out. The Party Trolley is plying downtown streets, the fabulous vintage store, Chosen, is open for business and has oodles of terrific stuff, Boots Bakery is in full swing and The Saranac is serving up its reliably wonderful fare, and Merlyn’s is catering to its inimitable aficionados – just to name a few.



Looking east on Main towards Division, showing new curb bump-outs and cut-out areas ready for landscaping

The big heavy construction equipment that has been blocking lanes and parking spaces is scheduled to move to the east side of Division by the end of the week, much to the JOY of everyone in these parts.  There have been the usual construction delays, compounded by SOLID ROCK and Avista work-arounds, but, hey – it’s a century-old street! That’s why we love it, right?



Heads, up, people – next to come is our very own Main Avenue Pilot Project, right on the heels of the big 4-corner Division and Main bump-out safety and landscape project, courtesy of the State. That’s the one going on right now that got bumped up in its schedule to make way for our city-funded block project. Our pilot project, bringing middle-of-the-street angled parking and a mid-block crossing among other delights, will likely start in about 2 weeks- hopefully in mid-August, and be completed in September sometime (fingers crossed).

The diverse enterprises on our block are suffering from all the construction chaos, and limited parking and sidewalk access. So, help out if you can and please make your way down to the block and show your support for change and progress in the right direction – change that moves our city streets to our shared goal of a more green, more pedestrian and more bike friendly community. It might be a bit inconvenient at the moment, but the vision is clear. Come on down!

If you’d like more information on the project(s) or want to touch base in any way about the happenings on Main, please feel free to contact Rebecca Mack at 


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