Soccer Camp Recap

The annual Soccer Camp is a favorite project amongst many, and we just wrapped up another great season–the Community Building’s thirteenth. Seventy campers from all across the Spokane area came out for a free week of soccer fun, July 11-15 at Grant Park in the Perry District. From water balloon fights and championship games to playing intense rounds of Sharks and Minnows and Duck, Duck, Goose, the campers now have one more year of Soccer Camp underneath their belts and shin guards.

At the Community Building, the few weeks after the soccer camp are dubbed “camp withdrawal” when the leftover soccer balls deflate along with the built-up daily excitement. This withdrawal doesn’t last long however, because it is almost time to start planning for next year’s camp!


Before we start next year though, the Community Building Foundation would like to express the deep gratitude we have for all those that made this soccer camp possible. Keeping the tradition alive of giving each camper a soccer ball to take home is South Perry Pizza, a loyal contributor of the camp’s soccer balls. Another great benefactor is the Smith-Barbieri Progressive Fund, which helped cover insurance expenses. Making sure all campers were UV ray-protected was Trader Joe’s with their donation of sunscreen, and providing fresh, cold water was Zip 2 Water. Other terrific supporters include CHAS South Perry Clinic, Dog Grooming by Lori, HiCo Market, Rosauers, Target, Harold Preiksaitis, The Shop, Nathan Swaney, and Wellness Tree.

Our gratitude also extends to all the amazingly skilled coaches that inspired campers and volunteers alike. Steve Wells from Black Label Brewery, Gonzaga Preparatory students Grace Moloney, Maddy DeMarco, Gurkaran Tiwana, Mia Padon, Margot Bradley, Sophia DeFelice, and Ella McKeirnan, Lewis and Clark High School student Will Ladyman, and our wonderful Junior Coaches Cody, Jayden Blewett, Kyan Blewett, and Alyssa Mitma.


Pictured above from left to right: Cody, Dana Oxford, Aung Zaw, Will Ladyman, Summer Hess, and Olivia Saenz.

Finally, we would like to acknowledge the generosity and kindness of all our volunteers. Summer Hess and Joe McSwain filled and tied over 600 water balloons for the Water Wars, Tre Fifer for clean up, Aung Zaw for food preparation, Warrin Bazile for camp set-up each morning and the Family BBQ, and Rebecca Mack as the supervisor and creator of the “potato station”.


Although I still stub my toes when kicking soccer balls, I have plenty of wonderful experiences thanks to the Community Building Soccer Camp. Now among my many joys as the Soccer Camp Coordinator were unlimited whistle privileges and running around with the kiddos all day. But maybe the best thing to witness, and the Community Building Foundation’s whole reason to have this soccer camp, was to see all the new relationships blossoming. Over the course of the week, I saw campers who were otherwise too shy, branch out and make new friends and be comfortable with other groups and each other. This is what we need more of in our communitywillingness to relate and connect with others on any playing field.

Thank you again to the Spokane Community for dedicating time and treasure in order to make this a truly great summer soccer experience.

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  1. Chelsea Malone
    Chelsea Malone05-29-2017

    Will there be a soccer camp this summer? My kids have gone for the past 4 years! We love it!

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