Soccer Camp Salutations

Here I would normally announce the proud completion of the 14th annual Community Building Soccer Camp, but there is a cause for pause. Just this weekend while putting away our gear, the soccer camp team unearthed ancient artifacts deep within the basement of the Community Building that reveal the truth: it is actually the soccer camp’s 17th year!

Whether it is the 14th or the 17th year, the mission of it all still remains intact: To provide a free summer soccer camp for families who otherwise couldn’t afford it. Our goal for this project has always been to ensure that campers receive a week of healthful meals and instruction on soccer skills by some of the best coaches and volunteers in Spokane!

This season, the wisdom, care, and expertise each coach exhibited truly inspired the kiddos and me to be the best learners we can be. Gonzaga University freshman Ashley Castleman, Gonzaga Preparatory senior Gurkaran Tiwana, Lewis and Clark High School students Will Ladyman and Dawson Howard, Community Building staffers Summer Hess, Joe Sheehan, and Joe McSwain, Roger Stultz, Henry Hagood, Tre Fifer, Kyan Blewett, Alyssia Mitma, and Junior Coaches Sawyer Bains, Colia Mitma, and Gabby Gonzalez all made great contributions of time and talent.

We are also especially thankful to our vitalizing volunteers. Dana “Coach Mom” Oxford took care of all the ouchies and stomach aches, Aung Zaw prepared each water break and snack time, and Warrin Bazile set up and took down each day’s work. Also a big thank you to Warrin’s business, Family Pitmasters, for the delicious food and gracious service they provided the Community Barbecue on the last day.

Last but not least, the Community Building Foundation and I would like to express the deep gratitude we have for all those sponsors that made this soccer camp possible. Keeping the tradition alive of giving each camper a soccer ball to take home is South Perry Pizza, a many-year loyal contributor of the camp’s soccer balls. Another great benefactor is the Smith-Barbieri Progressive Fund, which covered the cost of all the t-shirts (Supplied by Ammonite Ink). Making sure all campers were staying cool with fresh, cold, and filtered water was Zip 2 Water. Other generous supporters include HiCo Market, Hoopfest, Big 5 Sporting Goods, Second Harvest, Magic Lantern Theatre, and Two Wheel Transit.

Every season, I am amazed by the community with how it embraces our soccer camp, from donations of time or treasure to the warm welcomes and eager smiles of the families and campers. As soccer camp coordinator, I am personally enriched by the progress that has been made by each camper. Maybe I was able to see it because I was more relaxed in my third year, but this time around I was able to see at least four campers-who have struggled with participation and shyness-scrimmage and score goals for the very first time! I got to see kiddos leave the sidelines and become true team players and leaders for others.

We can all learn a lot from these campers, for instance on how to bribe the coaches into giving piggyback rides or the best way to include everyone on the playing field.

Thank you all once again for another successful soccer camp!

Until next time,

Coach Olivia  

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