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A walk in the woods this time of year can be an amazing experience. As most of the natural landscape …

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Hug Your Local Farmer – October 16th

Celebrate area farmers and World Food Day at a great dinner in Spokane on October 16th. The Food and Agriculture Organization of …

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A Tomato a Day…

…keeps many ills at bay, I recently discovered. Evidently tomatoes, the delicious low-cal, zero-fat icons of garden-fresh flavor, are packed …

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The Fun Never Ends

Enjoy Annual Washington Organic Week, WOW! – September 7-13, 2014 On Labor Day Monday, my neighbor generously offered his apples …

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Summer Love

When I want to let my friends and family know how much they mean to me, I cook for them. …

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Remembering our Roots

Independence Day celebrates the approval of the final wording of the Declaration of Independence, when the United States originated. A …

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Revisiting Chicken

I remember the day I swore off chicken. Vividly. Working in a commercial kitchen, I swung into the back production …

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The Chef & the Colonel

The Whole Plate Goes Whole Hog May 18th!  Good ideas travel with good people to support good causes. The good …

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Up the River

“What Kind of a Species Does This?”  Wild salmon bump up against walls of concrete, stuck in the exercise yard, …

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Eat Better. Spend Less.

Any top chef will tell you that good food starts with the best ingredients. With California’s continuing drought, prices of …

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