Writing Project Guidelines

How best to marshal the talent of a community? Enlist community writers to tell the tales, pose the questions, and articulate the head-scratchers. We’re always on the lookout for good material, so if you have a story to share, a photo and caption, or a brilliant idea for one of our writers, see our submission guidelines below and be in touch!

The Project

The Community Writing Project is a collaboration among local writers that aims to shine a little progressive light on the people, places and things that impact Spokane and the region.

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Submission Guidelines

General Guidelines:  We aim to publish thoughtful, regionally relevant stories from a range of voices and perspectives. Thematically, we’re wide open, though our content will often reflect the cornerstones of Community Building: human rights, social justice, the natural world, and the cultural diversity and collaboration that create vibrant, healthy societies. In general, we hope to be a progressive voice in the crowd of regional media, spotlighting subjects that, for reasons of time or politics, might otherwise go uncovered. That means our stories won’t be “news”; they won’t be sensational or necessarily time sensitive. Rather, we hope to provide well-written, thought-provoking, conversation-generating, idea-sparking content about the people, places and things that impact Spokane and the region.

We adhere to traditional journalistic standards. Please check your facts, your sources, your spelling, and your trusty writer’s handbook for punctuation and formatting.

Within our story categories–In Brief, In Depth, and Community Forum–you’ll find a range of styles and subjects. Please spend some time familiarizing yourself with the Community Writing Project and submit your story with a specific section in the Subject line of your email. Photos encouraged.

In Brief: Under 600 words. Like most online readers, we value brevity. Most articles will fall into this category.

In Depth: Over 600 words. We seek engaging feature-length stories on subjects that warrant closer examination. Profiles, interviews, essays, opinions, exposes, humor…as long as it’s original, well-told work, we’ll read it.

Community Forum: Each week, the Community Writing Project features a topic for public discussion, in virtual Round Table format, presented and mediated by our web editor. In inviting voices from the community to chime in on issues that impact our lives, we hope to generate lively conversation, to challenge and enlighten, to create dialogue between diverse viewpoints, and to ultimately find common ground with our neighbors, no matter which side of the fence they stand on.

We operate this forum under the Golden Rule, and reserve the right to withdraw comments that violate this code of civility and mutual respect.

To submit an article, photo, or story idea, click the “Contribute” tab above.


Please address all story ideas, corrections and suggestions to our web editor by filling out the form below.